CARROLLTON – Alex Sagcal is proud to call South Carrollton home.

“Makes you think twice,” he said. “It’s like, oh my gosh, it’s a community who cares.”

His hometown pride is even bigger this week after life was interrupted Wednesday evening.

Alex was on his way to pick up dinner with his daughter when they saw a commotion in front of the Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD Administration building.

“We saw dust, we saw people yelling and screaming, people motioning people over here,” he said.

Around 5:30 pm, a man driving a SUV had a seizure while behind the wheel, according to police. The 31-year-old was traveling with his wife and their infant at the time. The driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a brick marquee and then hit a boy in eighth-grade at nearby Perry Middle school.

Alex and his daughter stopped to help. In addition to the swell of area residents rushing to the scene, a Perry Middle School Science Teacher he has known for years – and whose name has yet to be released – leaped into action, Alex said.

“I think he’s a hero,” he said. “He’s a great father, good husband, and a good community member, he’s won awards and what we saw last night was leadership under pressure.”

The school district released a statement Thursday that said in part, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the student and occupants injured in the accident. The district is working with students who might have witnessed the accident to provide counseling and assistance as needed.”

The driver was ticketed for not having a license. The student he hit was taken to children’s hospital.

“The child was transported with serious but not life threatening injuries,” said Carrollton Police spokeswoman Jolene DeVito. “We hear he’s gonna be okay.”

An otherwise happy ending to a dangerously close-call.

“When you see a mass of people come together to help out one of their own kids, it’s pretty nice,” he said. “They care about each other and it was nice to see.”