A WFAA viewer who lives in Dallas neighborhood Junius Heights District sent us a disturbing video captured from her home surveillance camera.

Three coyotes swarm in on a neighbor cat -- hunting, and untimely, eating someone's pet. It happened early Tuesday morning.

"My husband just decided to see, 'Well, maybe, I could see what direction they came from, and sure enough, we actually caught the attack on our security camera," the homeowner did not want to be identified, but did want to share the video.

"It's scary and it broke my heart for our neighbor, who owned the cat, and it makes me concerned about other small animals in the neighborhood," the homeowner said.

The City of Dallas encourages residents who see aggressive animals to call 311. Those calls are usually routed to the private company 911 Wildlife.

"Over the years, anytime anyone ever saw a coyote, the first thing they did was pull out there cell phone and take pictures or video," said Marcus Stephens, the general manager of 911 Wildlife.

Stephens helped to clear up some misconceptions.

He says the coyote population in Dallas isn't growing. Instead, the coyotes are growing more accustomed to people.

It's a problem that isn't new. Footage from 2014 shows a coyote in Plano so comfortable around his neighbors that he decides to rest right next to a hike and bike trail.

Stephens says the rather than hang back and take a picture, the best thing you can do is shoo the animal away by any means necessary.

"The coyote will run off. You will only have to haze them a maximum number of two times, and then you will never see them again. They didn't leave. They're just not going to let you see them again, so that human-coyote encounter goes way down," Stephens said.

That's not happening yet. A resident in Deep Ellum took a picture of a coyote in daylight. The photo was taken just a few days ago.

And then there's the video captured by the East Dallas homeowner.

"We've seen a coyote running down our street maybe earlier this year or sometime last year -- there had been sightings in the neighborhood, but never this bold," the homeowner said.