This is the last week of this year's State Fair of Texas...and while visitors soak up the remaining fun -- a lot of them will leave with unused food and ride coupons.

A viewer asked us, can you use those next year? Our VERIFY team called Karissa Condoianis with the State Fair.

"If you want to just hold onto them, don't throw them away, you can bring them back year after year and we will accept them. We accept coupons from years ago. I believe somebody even mentioned just the other day we accepted ones from the 1970s," Condoianis said.

And she says they don't lose their value.

So we can VERIFY -- yes -- you can use your coupons the next time you visit the state fair, even if you bought them a long time ago.

SOURCE: Karissa Condoianis, Vice President, Public Relations, State Fair of Texas