You’ve got to love the Sheriff in Wise County... Lane Akin.

He’s pushing back against a surprise state mandate requiring local and county law enforcement to pay to use the state crime lab in Austin.

Texas lawmakers approved a measure ordering DPS to collect $11 million for toxicology, DNA and other tests they conduct.

Sheriff Akin told WFAA's Todd Unger that new rule could cost his department anywhere from $60-100,000 a year.

Before he became sheriff, Akin spent decades as a state trooper. He thought state and county law enforcement were partners. Apparently not.

But the Sheriff decided he wasn’t going to take it quietly.

He suggests, if Austin wants to play that game, Wise County needs to charge the state $50 a day to house each inmate arrested by DPS and brought to their jail.

It could be a nice, new income stream. Some of those DPS suspects, spend months in county and local jails.

Today, state officials announced they're rescinding the plan. Texas Governor Greg Abbott claiming he believes “the Legislature did not intend to underfund DPS' crime lab."

Yes they did.. they just got caught... their bluff called by a sheriff... fed up with being "nickel and dimed" by state leaders who want to talk tough on crime but farm out the costs.

Lane Akin has now dropped his plan to charge for housing DPA prisoners. This weekend as Texas sheriffs meet in Grapevine for their annual conference, you can bet one of the hottest topics will be his giving Austin lawmakers a taste of their own medicine.