Arlington will move heaven and earth when it comes to the Cowboys or the Rangers, building two, soon-to-be three world class stadiums to make sure the big boys get what they need.

Unfortunately, Betty Warner’s just a homeowner and apparently, that doesn’t count for much in Arlington.

Our WFAA's Bradly Blackburn told you Thursday about the $2 million, 3-acre dream home Betty built a decade ago: pool, koi pond, perfect place until new development on Cooper Street, seven years ago.

Now, all that rain runoff, garbage, some sewage ends up in her yard.

She complained to the city, even built a $150,000 retaining wall at their suggestion didn’t solve the problem.

Now Betty’s told Arlington always planned to flood the property for runoff, had an agreement with the previous landowner, which she knew nothing about, but begs the question: Isn’t it the city that approves a permit to build a home on such land?

Yes, but Warner claims city officials told her it’s not their business to tell people what to do with their property.


Something tells me if any homeowner, any landowner started flooding out part of Cowboys Stadium or Globe Life Park, somebody at City Hall would get off their behind and come up with a better answer for Jerry Jones or the Rangers than... “Well, we can’t tell people what to do with their property.”

The City told WFAA they can’t comment on Betty Warner’s legal dispute, but it sure would be nice if at least one of those elected officials always begging for a vote, could see their way clear to helping one Arlington homeowner.