Did you see Brett Shipp’s investigation earlier this week into the massive, unsightly salvage yards piling up on the city’s south side?

What was once a tranquil nature preserve on Dowdy Ferry along the Trinity is slowly being devoured by growing stacks of used tires and wrecked cars spewing toxic liquids into the ground.

Other long-time property owners get their water from wells there.

They had enough and for a while so had County Commissioners. They even passed an ordinance requiring the salvage yards put up "Solid barrier fences at least eight feet high," to keep the yards hidden from sight.

Back in January, Dallas County Fire Marshal Robert De Los Santos padlocked the salvage yards, declaring them out of compliance, operating without a county permit.

Two weeks later, when salvage yard owners promised to comply, the Dallas DA’s office had the padlocks removed.

But drive out there now... does this look anything like compliance?

Some call it worse than ever: few, if any fences, more stacked cars, used tires, clearly neighbors complain, still out of compliance.

But the fire marshal now claims it’s out of his hands since DA’s office reopened the yards.

The DA says enforcement is the Fire Marshall’s job.

What it really is the runaround.

The property owners who complied with all the codes who want to preserve the area, apparently have shouted their complaints to a county with deaf ears.

All those county taxes they paid, all that big talk of a new “grow south” initiative to preserve the beauty and history of the area is apparently just that along Dowdy Ferry… talk.