The backlash that consumed comedian Kathy Griffin this week was fair. No question, her social media post holding up President Donald Trump's bloody, severed head was out of bounds.

The deluge of complaints from Trump supporters, even a few opponents, left no doubt.

Even Griffin apologized.

You can argue that it was too little, too late or that Griffin was simply doing some career damage control, but what this all really showed us was that for every Ann Coulter, there’s someone on the other side of the political spectrum just as bad.

And all of them are ruining honest political debate because the loudest voices on the left and right only want to complain about the excesses of their opponents, not their political comrades.

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Griffin’s detractors called her image an unprecedented new low. A few demanded she be jailed for threatening the president. Apparently, they forgot all the images of Barack Obama in a noose or set on fire, about which many of them likely, at the time, said nothing.

They’re not alone. I cannot recall much righteous anger on the left when President George W. Bush got the same kind of treatment, the same kinds of threats.

The point is, our social-media driven politics has us wallowing in the gutter, making excuses and defending overzealous friends when they engage in the very same over-the-top behavior we see in our obnoxious opponents.

No one seems to be reaching for the moral high ground anymore or even know where to find it.

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