Let me be upfront. I am no great lover of Facebook and Twitter. We don’t talk to each other on social media. We talk at each other.

A lot of the tweets and posts are just nasty verbal bullets people fire at each other.

But these past 2 weeks, the benefits of the internet have again been made clear.

Based on what we know so far, within Sherin Mathews’ household, she apparently had no champion, no defender who thought a 3 a.m. “assisted” milk feeding cruel who thought an alley no place for a 3-year-old to be abandoned in the middle of the night.

But we do know once word she disappeared filtered out online, complete strangers began to come to her defense, in spirit, she would not be abandoned.

They didn’t know Sherin or her family didn’t have to. It was all, to them... illogical.

Nearby new Facebook friends showed up at her home or in the neighborhood. Others as far away as India organized live chat sessions.

While investigators looked to the family for answers, Sherin’s newest friends pressed her case worldwide. If Sherin Mathews could not cry out, they would speak for her.

Sherin’s now been found, but her protectors, her new friends remain assembled. Too late to save a precious child, but with plenty of time to ensure she will not be abandoned by justice.