Across America, someone has been busy… desecrating graves in Jewish cemeteries... phoning in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers and institutions, and leaving swastikas in public places.

They hope to instill fear.

We’ve not been immune to it in north Texas. The search for the still unknown perpetrators continues.

On Friday police in St. Louis made one arrest of a man accused of making some of the threats as a way of getting back at an ex-girlfriend. He’s just one and there are believed to be others.

They hide because they know what they’re doing is wrong that such threats are against the things for which this country -- no matter what your race, gender or sexual preference -- purports to stand.

They hide because they have no backbone, and we all know what to expect from men and women with no backbone: They don’t walk. They slither.

So… it is with these folks, spitting venom from the shadows, from beneath the rocks and inside the crevices in which they hope to hide among us and create a wedge between us.

If ever there was a time for every church and mosque in America, every temple and house of worship for that matter every agnostic and atheist to stand together in unwavering support of our fellow citizens who are Jewish, it is now to send a message that fear mongers have no power here.

A message that while we are different in some ways, what binds us are certain beliefs, certain principles of fair treatment and justice, principles which, quite clearly fear mongers do not share.

This is not a Kum Ba Yah moment. It is a stand up and show some courage moment… and let your children see what you believe moment, a teaching moment.

It is an opportunity to say to and show every member of the next generation of Americans what we do believe...what we won’t accept.

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*Editors note: This was written before complete details of the arrest came out