HOUSTON -- A toddler left at a fire station in southwest Houston is in good health and has no signs of neglect or abuse.

Firefighters at Station 21 on Main Street said they were training when they heard what sounded like a child around 9:30 a.m. Friday. They were surprised to find a little baby boy, about a year old, outside the main entrance to the station.

The little boy appeared to be in good condition in a car seat with a bag nearby.

Paramedic Firefighter Rhonda Sloan cared for the boy at Station 21 before transporting him to Texas Children’s Hospital.

“The baby seemed to be very happy,” said Sloan. “[He] seemed to be in good spirits and from what we could tell seemed like a happy, healthy baby.”

After his release, the Department of Families and Protective Services will handle the child.

“At this point, once he’s cleared by the doctors, we’re going to put him in a foster care facility,” said DFPS Spokesperson Tejal Patel. “At that point, we’ll work with law enforcement to find his parents.”

Under Texas Safe Haven/Baby Moses Law, babies left at fire stations must be 60 days old or younger and unharmed and safe. Because the boy is older, DFPS will search for the toddler’s parents to choose the best course of action.

Patel says it's up to HPD whether the boys family would be charged. In the past, they have not filed charges in cases like this.

“There’s so many other options the parent had and we’re happy the baby is safe and in a good place and we could help,” said Sloan.