A local baker who makes custom-ordered pan dulce is stirring up satire with Tide Pod-inspired pan dulce.

The treat includes the signature orange and blue crescents featured on the detergent pods. The pan dulce pokes fun at the social media trend involving teens eating Tide Pods, which health officials say can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and breathing difficulties.

Since the trend became known, bakeries and restaurants have offered safe and edible versions of the detergent pods in the form of donuts, cookies, cakes and even pizza.

The company, Cakes by Jandy, posted a picture of a Tide Pod pan dulce on the company’s Instagram account and they can be made to order.

Check below for the full Instagram post, which includes a warning not to eat actual Tide Pods:

I'm ready for laundry day... Tide Pod any one? *Warning: Please do NOT eat tide pods, thank you*

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