Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth is in a period of rapid growth coinciding with the expansion of the F-35 fighter jet project.

On Tuesday, thousands lined around the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Fort Worth for a chance to land a job with the the city's third largest employer.

Some didn't get much sleep.

"You definitely wake up excited," said Shevonda Newton.

Others didn't sleep at all.

"I got here just before 4 a.m," another woman said.

Lockheed Martin says at least 2,000 people applied for available registration slots in just 24 hours.

Thousands more showed up Tuesday and stood outside and inside the hotel for a chance to apply and be interviewed, with some being offered employment 'on the spot'.

Ken Ross with Lockheed Martin says applicants on Tuesday are coming for a variety of life situations.

"Everything from new college grads to people who want a job change and those that might be unemployed at the time," Ross said.

At a similar event in June, the company made 601 offers in one day — 501 in manufacturing jobs like aircraft and avionics mechanics, painters and material handlers — and 100 in areas such as engineering, supply chain and finance, Ross said.

Ninety-five percent of the applicants accepted their job offers.

There will be another job fair in August, Ross said. Those who haven’t pre-registered can show up with their resumes and go to lockheedmartinjobs.com.