Nayef Younis has slowly built up his business, Goody's Cars and Tires, since he bought it five years ago. Some things he didn't expect he needed like security dogs and barbed wire.

He tells WFAA that he's been adding more and more security with every time he's been a victim to thieves. "It's the fifth time," he said.

He's had five burglaries in five years. That would make any owner go mad. "They took everything they want," he said.

It's not just what they took but how they took it. Thanks to surveillance footage, he's captured what's happening at night when the shop is closed. He says he's been hit three times since December of 2016. And the latest incident happened just last week.

Nayef says the suspects are always two men. In a February incident, they used bolt cutters to open the front gate. Once inside, a suspect is seen carrying a car battery. The store owner says the thieves had targeted a truck they knew had no battery.

"It makes me sick man. Every time I look at it. I'm sick and tired of this. If you need something come ask," he said.

Suspects brought in a battery to take a truck that didn't have one. That leads Nayef to believe people have been scoping out his place. Three separate times cars, trucks have been taken. And every time, they load up tools, wheels, and tires from the shop on their way out.

Fort Worth Police are very aware of what's happening. Police say no arrests have been made.

And then to add insult to injury, the suspects took the security dog meant to ward off these thieves.

"They did," he laughed. "Apparently that wasn't a security dog then," Nayef said.

Nayef hopes someone will recognize the men stealing from him. Until then he can only hope the measures he's taken work.