It's not typical to see Rangers jerseys worn at a funeral, but Sister Frances Evans wasn't your typical nun.

"There was just this love of baseball she always had," says longtime friend Theresa Thompson.

Sister Frances, who was 90 years old, was as fervent a Rangers fan as they came. For more than four decades, she and her trusty drum were mainstays at the homestand.

"Later, when she was not able to drive at night, I offered to take her to the games, and 43 games later," says Thompson, smiling. Thompson says she was part of the group lovingly called "The Drivers" who took Sister to the games. And those were unforgettable moments for her.

"Hopefully, some of us will be at the game Monday night, her 91st birthday, to honor her," she says.

"Some people thought Sister Frances was a very strong personality," began the homily, as the congregation laughed and smiled. "But those 'some people' were only those people who ever met her."

The homily touched on the joy that Sister brought to the lives of many. The Rangers also addressed that in the days since her death.

"I understand there was a moment of silence at the game the other night," says Sister Margaret Snyder.

Sister Margaret and Sister Alice Holden say Sister Frances will always be a part of the team.

"She's with us still," Sister Alice says. "The body died. Not the spirit, not the soul. So the Rangers still have a great patron saint rooting for them up in heaven."