She fights for truth, fairness and chorizo burgers. Her drink cup wristbands may not stop bullets, but she can nonetheless defend the world (or Texas, at least) against the threat of curly fries.

She is — Whatawoman!

Well, her real name is Renee Fujii, and she is taking social media by storm and drawing stares of affection on the streets of Fort Worth with a Halloween costume that pays tribute to Whataburger, her favorite fast food restaurant.

Fujii combined the crime-fighting spirit of Wonderwoman and the deliciousness of the famous, Texas-based hamburger chain.

“It definitely took a little planning,” said Fujii, a west Fort Worth resident and recruiting manager for Redfin, a residential real estate brokerage.

“I definitely made lots of trips to Whataburger, and I asked them for extra cups, plastic bags and apple pie containers.”

See Fujii's photos of "Whatawoman" below or here. Go here to keep reading this article from the Star-Telegram.