With a hurricane bearing down on the Texas coast, one question that might get neglected is this: What should you do with your pets?

If conditions are unsafe for humans, they’re unsafe for pets, so leaving them outside during a storm is obviously not wise -- but some Texans may not know that it’s actually against the law.

According to Sec. 821.077 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, it’s illegal to leave a dog restrained outside “in the case of extreme weather, including... a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado warning issued for the jurisdiction by the National Weather Service.”

Read the full text of the law here.

The police department in the northern Houston suburb of Roman Forest shared a reminder about the law on its Facebook page Friday morning.

"I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions," RFPD’s chief warned, according to the post. "Dogs are your family members too."

Over 100 unowned cats will be brought to the SPCA of Texas in Dallas from Corpus Christi, the organization said in a Friday release.

The Houston SPCA released some advice on how to form a pet care plan ahead of Hurricane Harvey’s arrival.