The Dallas Police Department on Tuesday presented San Antonio police officers with special awards as a token of gratitude for the assistance SAPD rendered after the deadly attack on Dallas officers on July 7, 2016.

In the days following the attack that killed five Dallas officers, 33 San Antonio officers traveled to Dallas to help DPD answer calls.

“Just when every officer on this department was feeling hurt, pain, anguish and no measure of being appreciated, thirty-three San Antonio officers arrived at the Dallas Police Department Central Substation,” read a letter from DPD.

“It was quickly plain and very apparent these officers had come to not only support the Dallas Police Department in its time of sorrow, but also to work. And work they did.”

Dallas police presented each San Antonio officer with a certificate, a merit ribbon and a custom challenge coin.

A challenge coin and merit badge presented to San Antonio police. Photo: San Antonio PD

“We wanted to come down here personally because we want you to understand how much we appreciate what you did for us,” Dallas Deputy Police Chief John Lawton said in a brief address to SAPD. “It meant so much.”

In July of this year, more than a dozen Dallas officers traveled to San Antonio to support their department after officer Miguel Moreno was gunned down in the line of duty. Moreno was laid to rest on the first anniversary of the July 7 attack.