COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M is working on a driverless vehicle and it could be cruising around campus as early as next winter. The vehicle can already detect people and objects and will soon use information from senors and cameras to drive itself.

Unlike big corporations, like Google, Texas A&M's driverless car focuses on dense areas, like the pedestrian filled campus. A group a 10 people are developing the project. They hope their research can improve vehicle safety, not sales.

Assistant Professor Alireza Talebpour is in charge of the project. He says tests have already been done on a smaller model car.

"Once we are sure that this car can do everything we want it to do in a safe and reliable way, we will move to campus and start doing some experiments," said Talebpour.

Testing will begin on the RELLIS campus before coming to A&M in College Station.