A group of teens will get a chance to experience what it is like to run their own business.

Students in the Y-Achievers Entrepreneur Camp at Moorland YMCA participated in a "Shark Tank" style competition on Friday. The teens spent the afternoon pitching business plans and lemonade products before a panel of judges.

"I was kind of feeling nervous, and then I thought about it to myself,” said Tynecia Rose who worked with a group of friends to start a business called Lemonheads.

More than 30 students spent about eight weeks learning about building businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. They took turns pitching their business plans and lemonade recipes, hoping the drinks would be selected to be sold at a Williams Chicken restaurant.

Tim Williams, Vice President of Williams Chicken, asked the students tough questions about their business plans.

“Remember, what’s my cost and what’s my profit? It doesn’t do any good to be in business if you are not making a profit,” Williams reminded the students at one point.

Pushing the lemonade product was pretty tough for some of the teens in the competition. The judges included representatives from Williams Chicken, Pepsi-Co, and Lemonade Day.

The budding business owners said they are learning a lot in the entrepreneur program.

"I learned that you just can’t be independent. You have your own job. You have somebody else on your side sometimes," Rose said.

Other students say Y-Achievers is giving them a better idea of how to frame their futures.

"I want to go to school for engineering. So, being an engineer, to start your own business, that’s a goal for me,” Shamyz Moore explained.

Williams Chicken has been in business for 30-years. Its education foundation just donated $5,000 to the YMCA to help keep programs like Y-Achievers going.

A group of teens running a business called, “Lemonade Brothers” won the competition with their business plan and strawberry lemonade recipe.

Community members will be able to support the Moorland YMCA Teen Campers by purchasing a cup of fresh lemonade Saturday, July 8 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Williams Chicken located at 2909 E. Illinois Avenue, Dallas, TX 75216.