Flowers mark the spot two young girls from Plano died on February 10, 2017. Samantha Sacks and Lilly Davis died after police say the vehicle they were racing in had slammed into a tree.

According to Plano Police, the 2016 Porsche Macan crashed in the 1600 block of Mira Vista Boulevard. Kendall Murray, who was also in that car, needs no reminding. "Every day, every second of every day. I have pictures of them everywhere. It just kinda helps me kinda cope and know that they are looking out for me and over me," Kendall said.

Where the vehicle had crashed, there is charred wood evident of the fire. Kendall luckily survived that fire after being dragged out by people at the scene.

On Friday, it may have been a big step in her slow recovery. She was able to talk about her ordeal on the day Medical City Plano announced its new Level 1 Trauma Center designation.

She received all of her post-accident care at Medical City Plano. She is considered a success story of their Level 1 Trauma Center and accompanying Burn Unit. In a short introductory video, pictures of Kendall in the hospital were shown.

"That is easily the weakest and most horrible state I have ever been in. I cannot imagine what my parents thought," she said.

She says there were burns over 25 percent of her body and broken bones throughout. She is now in rehab three times a week and is hoping soon for full use of her hand.

She has one message about the racing accident that took the life of her took two friends and nearly her: "Don't do it. It may seem fun at the moment, but it's gonna end badly," she said.

Medical City Plano is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Collin County. There are only 100 similar centers in the country and 18 in the state of Texas.