A North Texas woman needs the public's help in finding something very precious that was stolen from her.

Boyd County resident, Lillian D'Ann Taylor took to Facebook to post about a missing charm.

Taylor says her entire purse was stolen from her truck at I-30 and Beach Street while she was fishing. In her purse was a special charm filled with the remains of her father.

"If I recover none of the contents of my purse I would give anything to just have this back," Taylor wrote. "I cannot replace it, and it was hand chosen by my Dad himself for me."

Taylor posted this message on Facebook June 4 in hopes that someone would see it and return the charm to her.

"It's never left my side since I got and I wear it every Father's Day so he'll still be with me that day," she wrote.

If you have seen this charm or have any information on where it could be, contact Taylor on Facebook or by phone.