FORT WORTH- A family of four is scared for their lives after a violent home invasion early Sunday morning saw their toddler threatened at gunpoint.

The family lives off Grover Avenue. They asked WFAA not to reveal their name or show their faces because they're fearful the attackers could return.

"When I saw the gun pointed at my son, I just broke down," the father said in an interview.

He said three to four men busted into their home around 3:30 a.m. and demanded money.

They allegedly grabbed his toddler by the arm and pointed a gun at the child's head.

Dad says that's when he handed over his wallet along with some savings. But the men weren't satisfied.

"They just kept yelling, and yelling," said the mother. "I see them in front of me. And he's like 'Where's the money, where's the money?'"

The father was hit on the back of the head by one of the suspect's handgun shortly after he fired a shot into the floor.

The sound of the gunshot and subsequent shouting were recorded by the family's security camera that overlooks the backyard.

Neighbor Peter Guerra had his security cameras rolling, too.

He recorded the suspect's car, what looks to be a light-colored Dodge Charger, driving up and down Grover before stopping in front of the neighbor's home.

Four men soon appear on screen and walk toward the house, although one suddenly doubles back to the car.

"They're activated by motion, so it's a good thing they were going," said Guerra. "They made them feel like anything they would do is a wrong answer, and scared for their kid's lives and their lives."

Fort Worth detectives are urgently investigating the home invasion.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call 817-392-4469.