The Tarrant County Commissioner's Court approved an outdoor burn ban for all of Tarrant County.

As of Tuesday Dec. 12, all outdoor burning in the county is prohibited and will be for the next 90 days.

The Texas Forest Service says Tarrant County is currently under drought conditions. The Tarrant County Fire Marshal requested the ban on outdoor burning to protect property and lives in the area.

A violation of the court order prohibiting outdoor burning is a class C misdemeanor and punishable of a fine up to $500. Click here for more information on guidelines of the burn ban.

For residents in the rural areas, the county suggest that you make sure that you keep an area of approximately 30 feet mowed around your home and outbuildings to prevent a fire from reaching your structures.

Residents should also take necessary measures to protect their homes by removing unwanted combustible debris and vegetation away from their homes and be sure to keep water hoses readily accessible in the event a small fire starts.