A video posted on Twitter Sunday sent Horned Frog nation into a Horned Frog frenzy.

ESPN's much clamored-after college football broadcast, College GameDay, chose Texas Christian Univesity for its Saturday show. It's the first and only other time it's come to TCU since 2009.

"We've got GameDay coming to the Fort!" exclaimed sophomore Liza Topping, who showed up a "GameDay" shirt she'd just purchased. "We're obviously very excited."

But as both excitement and the television set build, there is a heck of a lot also going on behind the scenes to keep you safe. The man at the helm? Brand new Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety Adrian Andrews, who just joined TCU after 28 years with the Secret Service.

"We want everyone in the community, all of our students, all of our faculty, to enjoy the time they're there. Leave the security thoughts to us," he says.

That said, Andrews says police presence will be beefed up for the live broadcast.

"Significantly," he says. "With what's going on in the world, with what's going on in Las Vegas last Sunday is in the back of our minds obviously."

"We're working with the Fort Worth Police Department, and they have been outstanding," Andrews goes on to say. "We will have SWAT units, we will have counter assault team units, they will be secretly tucked away just in case."

Andrews points to the location of the broadcast, the Commons at TCU, as a plus.

"We have buildings on all sides, and it gives me a security advantage because people can't come through those building areas," he says. "We have narrowed the access routes to two different areas."

"I put all my trust in TCU police in general. They keep us really safe," says TCU senior Gabriela Ruiz-Roehrs.

And so students will show up both with their clever signs and their heightened senses, looking to have a safe and memorable time.

GameDay broadcasts from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. Saturday. Click here for more information on GameDay