Fort Worth Police detectives focused their search for Typhenie Johnson to a small park near her ex-boyfriend's parents’ home.

The 25-year old disappeared late Monday after speaking with Christopher Steven Revill, 32, outside her apartment in east Fort Worth.

Revill, an ex-boyfriend, was arrested Tuesday and charged in her kidnapping.

On Thursday night, as major crime unit detectives wrapped up their search, Johnson's brother, Asher, arrived at the scene to get an update.

“We don’t want to step on their toes. They’re doing their job. And they're doing one heck of a job. Much respect,” he said.

He and others were planning a brief search party of their own into the night.

An arrest affidavit released earlier in the day revealed evidence in Johnson's disappearance was found outside her apartment and possibly in the backyard of Revill's parents' home.

According to the affidavit, Johnson dated Revill for eight months but the two broke up in August. The affidavit says the discussion on Monday was to tell Revill that "it was over."

Johnson's brother and new boyfriend watched the conversation from inside the apartment as the pair talked outside.

The document says Revill then entered the apartment and retrieved some items. When asked where Johnson was, her brother says Revill told him she left with another friend to get her car repaired.

Johnson's brother says he then noticed Revill's car on a grassy area of the Post Oak East apartment complex with the trunk open. He told police he didn't approach Revill because he feared he may have a weapon.

When Revill drove away, Johnson's brother says he found Typhenie's cell phone and sock in the grassy area, according to the affidavit.

Her brother called Revill multiple times to return to the complex but he didn't answer his phone, so he called police.

The arrest affidavit says Revill eventually showed up about an hour later, "sweating excessively" according to officers, who made note that the outside temperature was 65 degrees at the time.

Investigators searched Revill's parents house 14 miles away in East Fort Worth and found a bra that appeared to be stretched and pulled, a woman's shirt, a man's shirt and a wrist watch.

Officer Jimmy Pollozani says those items led multiple teams from the major crimes task force to descend on Sandy Lane Park late Thursday.

"It's unclear if the items found in the backyard belong to Typhenie Johnson," Pollozani said.

Revill's parents told detectives they were not at home late Monday but that the items found did not belong to anyone living at their home.

A woman who answered the door Thursday told News 8 they had no comment about the investigation.

Fort Worth police confirm they’re also looking at Revill’s connection to the 2006 disappearance of a different Fort Worth woman.

He was never considered a suspect in the disappearance of Taalibah Islam, but did report her missing to authorities at the time. The two had a child together.

That case is still an open investigation of a missing person as she was never found. Pollozani said they would be taking another look at it.

Revill has an extensive criminal history including convictions for robbery and assault. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2013, but was paroled in July 2015.

Included in that criminal history is a 2008 arrest and conviction for biting the arm of an Irving Police officer who responded to a call of a man holding a shotgun. Revill's friends told officers he had been drinking and holding a loaded weapon, causing enough fear to warrant calling 911.