At Shaw's Patio Bar and Grill, not far from downtown Fort Worth, the James Comey hearing was playing on the big screen.

"I glanced at it a few times just to see what was going on," said Butch Krucky, of North Richland Hills.

But Krucky and others didn't seem to care.

"I didn't really pay much attention," he said.

Ray Ramirez, of Fort Worth, didn't watch or listen on the radio either.

"I think it's a witch hunt," he said. "So ... it doesn't really matter."

It's a level of disinterest that may be surprising to some as the story dominates local, national and international headlines. But to those who know the history of Tarrant County politics, there's little surprise at the lack of reaction.

"Tarrant County used to be the second biggest red county in America," said Bud Kennedy, a long-time columnist at the Star-Telegram. "Orange County now may not be as red as Tarrant County. We might be the reddest urban county in America."

You see, Tarrant County is Trump territory. A graphic from WFAA's partner the Texas Tribune shows how nearly every major urban area in Texas voted for Hillary Clinton. But Tarrant County did not. About 52 percent voted for Trump.

"It's amazing," Kennedy said. "All my friends in Washington want to talk about it, but nobody here is talking about it at all. It's like zero discussion."

There were some we encountered, like Gina McEuen and her husband Roby, who are paying close attention.

"I tried to listen to it in the car on NPR," Gina said. "If the allegations are true, it's one of the worst things that's ever happened to our country."

But the majority we spoke to all but tuned it out.

"Nobody's watching, nobody cares, because we all feel the same way," Ramirez said.

"It's surprising," Kennedy added. "People usually like good drama and a good show, but I think this is one reality show that might've played on a little too long."