FORT WORTH -- Bluegrass, the world-record-holding longhorn, was sold Friday night at the first auction of longhorns in the Fort Worth Stockyards in more than 20 years, according to our content partners at the Star-Telegram.

Supporters of Fort Worth’s Herd had hoped that Bluegrass might join the daily cattle drive, a big tourist draw in the Stockyards. Instead, he is moving to Oklahoma.

It took about five minutes for John Viskup, president and CEO of Victory Energy Operations, to make the winning bid of $49,000 for Bluegrass, whose horn span is a little more than 10 feet and who weighs 1,840 pounds. Bluegrass’ new home will be the Viskup Family Ranch in Owasso, north of Tulsa.

Bluegrass was the first steer in the ring in the Auction Barn in the Stockyards. Forty-nine other longhorns were sold later to a packed house, with hundreds bidding by internet and by phone, according to Hudson and Valentine Enterprises, which is conducting the two-day auction. Another 50 longhorns were sold on Saturday.

The event was sponsored by the Stockyards Heritage development group.

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