Fort Worth will not join other major Texas cities, including Dallas, in a lawsuit opposing Senate Bill 4, or the "sanctuary cities bill."

Impassioned residents attended the Fort Worth City Council meeting Tuesday night and voted at about 1 a.m. not to join the suit, which challenges the state's new law banning sanctuary cities.

That makes Fort Worth the largest city in Texas to not be part of the lawsuit. Mayor Betsy Price voted against joining the lawsuit, event though she says she has serious concerns about SB 4.

SB 4, which was made a law back in May, requires police to cooperate with immigration authorities and allows law enforcement to inquire about the immigration status of those arrested.

Some say the bill is racist and strips away protections for the community. Others argue people should follow federal law.

The Fort Worth City Council is planning to vote next month on a separate resolution that calls on the federal government to fix a "broken immigration system."