Some neighbors that live on the city's north side not far from Northside Park say they're fed up with overgrown grass and weeds that seem to be sprouting just about everywhere.

Ken Cope says it has been weeks since he has seen any semblance of a mower at the park.

He walked from area to area on Tuesday afternoon, looking at some grass nearly two feet high on what is supposed to be a soccer field.

"Nobody could really play in this," said Cope, who lives just across the street.

"I've been here for 20 years. It's always a problem, but this is really bad," he said. "It's not the whole field, but it's enough that it's a real hindrance."

Cope said neighborhood kids now only play to the side of the field because much of it is too long.

That isn't the only place neighbors are noticing out-of-control growth.

Maria Rodriguez lives close to the intersection of Jacksboro Highway and Ephriham Avenue.

She recently snapped photos that show fields near the intersection with what looks to be three to four feet of overgrown grass and weeds filled with trash.

On Tuesday, she finally saw a mower for the first time.

"It takes the entire community to come together and demand our part of town be cleaned up," said Rodriguez.

The area in question appears to be private property, although the city's code department can threaten to fine commercial or residential owners that don't take keep up with maintenance.

Earlier this month, the city posted a statement to its website discussing grass growth, saying a lot of what they've seen this summer is because of a higher rainfall and changes to the mowing schedule.

"This year’s change to a 21-day schedule for parks, combined with the unusual late-summer precipitation, has contributed to higher growth of grass and weeds in some parks," read the statement.

A district coordinator for Councilman Carlos Flores, which covers much of the Northside area, said citizens with concerns need to contact the city directly, instead of simply posting to Facebook, which doesn't qualify as an actual complaint.

Cope says he heard later on Tuesday that city mowers could be out at Northside Park by week's end.