FORT WORTH -- Daniel Massey was heartbroken when his mother's vintage guitar was stolen from his home last December.

The rare 1943 Gibson guitar belonged to his mother, a bluegrass musician, who passed away, Fort Worth police said.

Daniel Massey

"Needless to say, the guitar was very special to the victim," police reported.

But thanks to the hard work of Det. G. Gutierrez, who was assigned to the case, Massey was soon reunited with his cherished instrument.

Through his investigations, Gutierrez was able to track down the guitar, which was sold and shipped to a buyer more than 4,000 miles away in Ireland. After hearing the back story of the guitar, the buyer agreed to ship the Gibson back to Massey.

Christopher Payne and Craig Boehme

Gutierrez was also able to track down and arrest the suspects in the case.

Christopher A. Payne, 20, and Craig A. Boehme, 55, were both charged with theft.