If your front yard is a representation of who you are, then there is no misunderstanding how father-of-two Brian Madden feels.

"I feel it's important. It's important for people to know," he said Sunday afternoon as he played with his children and dogs outside. "We just truly believe in what it says."

In one of Fort Worth's most colorful neighborhoods, equally colorful signs have started popping up in people's front yards-- including Madden's-- with a simple, but powerful, message.

"In three different languages it says 'No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor,'" explained Betty Spitzberg.

Spitzberg, who works on the Fairmount Neighborhood Association, said the sign was first spotted on Facebook.

"And then everyone was like I want to get those! Where can I get one of those?" Spitzberg said.

So she took charge and offered to place an online order for whoever wanted them. 150 signs sold later, and she's now onto her second order. Profits will benefit the Fairmount Community Library, a small non-profit library that serves the community.

Spitzberg said with tensions high in our nation, it is an important message.

"We want people to know they're welcome here, they feel safe here and it's okay," Spitzberg said. She said she hopes the signs spread to other North Texas neighborhoods, too.

Brian Madden said feedback from neighbors has been positive.

"We just feel blessed to be part of a neighborhood like this where we can share a lot of the same values, no matter your background," he said.

For him, at least, it's what he considers a sign of the times.

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