Thursday afternoon at Shoot Smart Indoor Gun Range in north Fort Worth and the lanes were packed with people packing.

Business is going so well for the locally-owned company that they're about to open their third location in Benbrook. The other location is in Grand Prairie.

They believe with that third store, they'll become the largest gun range chain in the state of Texas.

That title of largest gun range chain in Texas isn't the only thing that sets Shoot Smart apart. The company's CEO is a woman named Roxanne Laney. And she's far from the only female withe a leadership role in the company. She lists at least four other women who are helping her run the successful business.

"I think the way to get women to come to your range is to have women behind the counter," Laney said.

Stacey Mitry is one of Laney's leaders. A former FBI sniper, she's now the training manager at the Fort Worth location.

"You kind of have to break through that mystique that it's all male-driven, men doing this kind of thing," Mitry said.

There are other female-run shooting ranges in Texas, but not many. And while the majority of the customers are still men at the Fort Worth location, about 60 percent, Laney wants to create an environment where everyone is welcome from every background.

"Shooting is kind of an old white guy's sport, for a long time, and that's changing around the country, not just here," Laney said. "We do have the atmosphere where two ladies can get out of car, come in here, and not even think twice about it."

She said she hopes to open 10 gun ranges in total; at least that's her target, for now.