ARLINGTON, Texas -- Crews are quickly putting the finishing touches on the newest attraction on its way to Arlington. Enchant Christmas promises to be the world's largest light maze.

"We've searched the globe looking for someone who has done anything like this, which we haven't found. Furthermore, we haven't found anyone who's done a light maze of this size," said Gabe Hoffart of Enchant Christmas.

Hoffart, a Canadian businessman, is behind the United States debut in the shadow of a Texas Icon AT&T stadium. This event boasts two and a half million Christmas lights.

Last years show was hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia. This year they're hoping for similar success in North Texas, even if it means changing the weather.

There's a giant open-air Ice Rink, four inches thick ready for skating.

"The biggest problem with starting the ice was actually getting the base coat of the ice done. Now that we have the base going, even with the weather being in the mid 70's, the ice is perfectly fine," said Hoffart.

Gates open Nov. 24 and the event runs through the end of December. The project takes 150 people to run and took 75 local contractors to create.

"We take ice seriously in Canada," Hoffart said.

A love of winter, they hope to share with hundreds of thousands of Texans this holiday season.