The fight over control of Billy Bob’s Texas goes to court Tuesday in a barroom brawl that could lead to the sale of the world’s largest honky-tonk on the auction block.

Investor and Billy Bob’s manager Concho Minick, whom the majority of his partners tried to fire last month, on Monday asked the court to appoint a receiver to clear up differences among owners over how to best run the nightclub. If unsuccessful, Concho Minick wants the receiver to put the 127,000-square-foot watering hole and concert venue up for sale.

“Plaintiffs are confident and optimistic that, with the court’s and receiver’s help, Billy Bob’s can remain a fixture and featured attraction in the Stockyards for years to come,” the court filing states. Minick is joined in his lawsuit by other minority owners, including the prominent Murrin family.

The majority owners want state District Judge Michael Wallach to reject Concho Minick’s request that the court get involved in Billy Bob’s management. But, if necessary, they want the judge — not a receiver — to clear up any ambiguities in the operating agreement that led to the partners’ dispute. In a late court filing Monday, they also asked the judge to strike the latest pleading by Minick, filed shortly after midnight, and postpone the hearing.

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