Crisp fall weather and some Friday night lights. It’s a great combo at Colleyville Heritage High School.

Sprinkle in homecoming and parents Sheri and Chad Thompson are pretty stoked.

“We're very excited - yeah - very proud," Chad Thompson said.

“I looked at him and told him this was always my dream for one of my kids to get this opportunity," Sheri Thompson said.

Their son Jaydan, in his senior year, was named homecoming king on Friday. Pretty good for a kid that couldn’t walk a month ago.

"It's been hard to come to school because I've been so busy with my journey,” Thompson said. “Fighting this cancer."

When Jaydan found out late in his freshman year he had osteosarcoma – a cancer that attacks his bones – it ended his football playing days. He stayed on the field as “Buster” the Panther for Heritage High.

However, in the last six months there have been more challenges as his cancer spread.

A tumor took hold on his neck, impinging on a nerve which took away his ability to walk. Just before surgery earlier this summer in Dallas to remove the tumor, in great pain, Jaydan flashed what he calls his “warrior fist.”

"We are warrior strong,” Thompson explained. “We'll never stop fighting - we'll keep going and never stop."

Jaydan says cancer will not stop him either even if his odds of beating it are next to impossible. Friday night was about the possible -

"He's always been inspirational people,” his father said. “He’s always had a tender heart, always been a ferocious warrior. I’m just so thankful for him and his leadership. I couldn't be a prouder dad."

And it’s good to be king.