A week long children's camp dedicated to helping cancer families is underway at Camp Carter YMCA in Fort Worth.

Camp CARE, run through the local Cancer Care Services, offers up to 40 kids, who have a close family member battling cancer, the opportunity to get away from the headache and heartache a diagnosis often brings.

"The stress is lifted off of me, and I don't have to worry about explaining stuff, like how my mom's back is broken," says Emma Clay, an 11-year-old who is returning for her third camp experience.

Clay's mom, Lindsay, found out she has aggressive breast cancer in 2012. The diagnosis is terminal, although she is fighting hard day-to-day.

"I'm always under another treatment or session," says Emma. "It's in my spine now, so there is a physical connection, you can't always have with your kids. Giving Emma a hug most days is something I'm not able to do."

Emma says being around other families that understand struggles like that make the camp invaluable for her daughter.

It's exactly how Bethany Hoey feels too.

"From other kids or people they hear, 'Everything's going to be fine.' Well, kids, they know, not everything is going to be fine," says Hoey.

Her daughter, Lux, is returning to camp for the second time.

She says a schedule of arts and crafts, music, water sports and other outdoor activities help her process mom's cancer battle.

"It's to be around other kids that know it," she says. "Before, I wouldn't feel good, like about to throw up, or I would be about to cry."

Bethany's cancer is now in remission, but campers are encouraged to return no matter how their parents are faring. Many of the counselors that supervise are past campers.

For more information on the camp, click here to contact Cancer Care Services and their dedicated staff.