What she lacks in size, a two-pound therapy dog named Koko makes up for with love.

"Her disposition, her personality, it's just everything," says owner Deanna Wagoner.

But the young Teacup Yorkshire Terrier was recently stolen from her owner's north Fort Worth apartment.

"I came home, noticed the door was unlocked, and went in and there was all this wind," she said. "And I looked over and my windows were broken."

The burglary happened on Oct. 24 when Deanna was at work.

Fort Worth police are investigating and even posted about the stolen pet to their Facebook page.

Deanna says Koko cost her close to $1,300 when she bought her last year from a breeder.

The little one is a frequent visitor to local senior citizen centers, including one geared toward Alzheimer patients.

"She was a little rock star where ever she went. She really was. It warmed my heart just to see the reaction she had with people," she says.

A laptop, expensive jewelry and other personal items were also stolen during the burglary.

But Deanna says all she cares about is Koko's safe return. She is offering a reward with no questions asked.

"I simply want him back, and so does everyone else," she said. "I've never been this scared in my life. My sense of security is very broken."

If anyone has any information about Koko's whereabouts, contact Fort Worth police at 817-392-4619.