The Sam Houston High School boys soccer team in Arlington is playing at the state tournament, but one player still can't stop thinking about his big day.

Even though it was only one game, to him, last week's regional final counted as two wins.

The first win was for reaching the state tournament. The second was for what happened after the game.

"It was an amazing night that day," he said.

Luis Vargas is a senior captain who prefers to stay far out of the spotlight.

“I really don’t like being the center of attention," he said.

"He doesn’t talk a lot unless he really needs to," said head coach Joey Rodriguez.

The end of that game was no different. Luis didn't say much, but it's what he did that had everyone's eyes focused on him.

A few days before that regional final game, Luis heard an announcement about prom. He figured he had never really done anything big for his girlfriend so thought it might be the perfect time to come out of his shell.

After winning the game, Luis asked his teammates to hold up four big letters that spelled prom.

Mayra Morales wasn't sure Luis even wanted to go to prom, so she hardly paid attention as she saw what was happening.

“It took me a minute to realize it was for me," she said.

Once she figured it out, she had a simple answer.

“Definitely," she told him.

"She’s never really gotten something like that so I think that’s a very special moment for her," Luis added.

By the next morning, Luis' promposal had been shared all over Twitter and Facebook.

Everything went so well, is there any way winning a state championship could top this?

"Yes," Luis said. "Most definitely yes.”

Just don't tell her that.