It happens all the time. You’ve got dinner plans in downtown Dallas or Deep Ellum, and you show up five minutes late because it took you forever to find a parking spot.

You aren’t alone, according to a study released Wednesday by INRIX, a global transportation analysis company.

The INRIX study found the average Dallas driver wastes two full days each year looking for parking. It equates that to $995 per driver in wasted time, fuel and emissions -- which would mean the parking search costs the city an alarming $726 million per year.

Dallas was among 10 major U.S. cities studied by INRIX. Among those cities -- New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas and Detroit -- Dallas ranked fourth in total cost of the parking search.

Parking pains don’t end for Dallas drivers once they’ve found a spot, either.

INRIX found that Dallasites spend a total of over $59 million per year overpaying for parking. How the company defines overpaying:

“Overpaying is caused by drivers’ inability to estimate precisely how long they need to park, rate-cards being set that force drivers to overpay (e.g. a two-hour rate when they need 30 minutes), or drivers’ voluntarily overpaying to ensure that they don’t get a parking ticket.”

Dallas actually comes in below the national average of $97 per driver in overpaid cost -- a number heavily skewed by New York’s $896 per driver, San Francisco’s $404 and Los Angeles’ $384 in the same category.

Coming back to your car and seeing a parking ticket on the windshield is a punch to the gut that one in every two Dallas drivers experiences in a year, on average. Drivers in Dallas spend an average of $37 per year in parking tickets, which is fifth highest among the cities analyzed in the INRIX study.

It could certainly be worse, though. New Yorkers, for example, waste 107 hours per year searching for parking -- a total of $4.3 billion in wasted time, fuel and emissions. Drivers in the Big Apple spend a total of $164 million on parking tickets, too.

Nationwide, 61 percent of drivers surveyed reported to INRIX that they felt stressed looking for parking and 42 percent say they’ve missed an appointment due to parking.

Check out the full report below or here to see where Dallas stacks up to other major U.S. cities in parking pains:

Parking pain: INRIX studies parking woes in major U.S. cities by wfaachannel8 on Scribd