Bruce Thompson says his life forever changed on April 20.

"I felt this sense of shake in my hands," he said. He was at his daughter's softball game when he started shaking and couldn't speak.

"I could not muster enough words to say a sentence at that time," he said. Bruce soon learned he had stage 4 cancer.

"They found 2 masses and tumor in my brain, 3 in my lung, and as I call it, a random guy in my left shoulder blade," he said.

He lives in a tight knit community in Celina. His neighbor is sports radio talk show host Ben Rogers of the Fan's Ben and Skin Show.

Rogers and Bruce's friends immediately wanted to help him. He said no.

"He says if you will do something that helps more than just me I am in, but if it just helps me, I am out," Rogers said.

So they started the "Win the Day" Charity to raise money to help those blindsided by cancer.

"Bruce believes you cannot beat this sort of thing all at once. All you can do is win each day at a time," Rogers said.

Rogers reached out to pro players and team owners. Before he knew it, he had donations from Mark Cuban, Jon Daniels, Tony Romo and many others. Saturday night they will host a huge charity auction at Light Farms Barn Yard.

"I was blown away that this story resonated with them because it could happen to anyone," Rogers said.

Bruce says he is humbled by all the support. He hopes he inspires others to help and also to motivate people to live each day to the fullest.

"Celebrate the wins because there will always be losses," Thompson said.

If you would like more information about the charity, click here.