Jerry Jones credits his success to many things, but on top of this list is his penchant for dreaming.

"I was a daydreamer. I still am," Jones said.

The soon to be NFL hall of fame inductee and owner of The Dallas Cowboys says his dream for AT&T Stadium actually started in Dallas' rival city of Houston decades ago.

"I walked in, and I thought what would it be like to actually play here," Jones said.

Jones was just 20-years-old playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks as they prepared for the Cotton Bowl, which they eventually won. He says his coach took the team on a trip to Houston before the big game, and they toured Houston's stadium, which was brand new at the time.

"I thought... A human built this? How does a human being even make something like building the Astrodome happen," Jones said.

Jones says in that instant, he started dreaming about building something just as grand one day. The twenty-something would pick up any book or article on the Astrodome and study and imagine what could be.

"The fire didn't die," Jones said.

The football player turned business mogul didn't let the dream fade for four decades. And when Jones bought the Cowboys, he already had big plans in mind.

"I didn't have to stutter step. I didn't have to stutter talk. I knew it could be done," Jones said.

In 2009, AT&T Stadium was built. It's one of the most famous and state of the art stadiums in the entire world. Fans affectionately call it Jerry's World and but many never knew the idea started a few hours south in Houston.

"And I built that AT&T stadium, and you could put six of those damn Astrodomes in that AT&T stadium," Jones said.