There is food, water, generators and other supplies in an Irving warehouse, ready to go to people who desperately need it in Puerto Rico.

"The hospitals are running out of oxygen, patients need that, and they are running out or water and no power, no generators in the hospital,” said Pudge Rodriguez.

Texas Rangers legend Pudge Rodriguez says there are hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, water and other supplies that have been collected but have no way to get the items to the island.

"Now what we need is planes. We need to send by air, water or whatever as long as it gets to Puerto Rico,” said Rodriguez.

Pudge, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, has many friends and family there, including his parents. After the Hurricane hit, it took several days for him to reach his father.

"My family is fine, my mom is fine. My father I finally been in contact with him. He is ok," he said.

He and other celebrities including singer Mark Anthony are going to Puerto Rico on Monday.

"It is not only food and water. They need to see the people. We need to make them laugh. We need them to stay positive, and that's the whole idea for us to go there," Rodriguez said.

Pudge says it is a tough time for Puerto Rico, and it will take months to recover. He says now is the time for everyone to come together to help those who have lost everything.

Mark Cuban is loaning Pudge his plane on Friday and Monday, so he can get some of the supplies there, but they still need more planes.