DALLAS -- A chase that circled Deep Ellum multiple times ended on the Fair Park fairgrounds early Monday morning with police shooting a suspected truck thief.

Police said the truck was a “bait vehicle” used to catch auto thieves.

Officers initially backed off in their pursuit near Deep Ellum because they did not want to put other drivers in danger. However, just minutes later the truck was spotted near Fair Park and officers resumed pursuit.

A WFAA photographer was in the area and saw the truck barge through a closed entrance at Fair Park’s gate #5. Police followed and shots were fired.

Moments later, the officers could be seen pulling the injured driver out of the truck before he was put into an ambulance. So far there is no update on his condition.

Injured car thief

It is not clear what led police to open fire on the truck or if one of the officers’ lives was in put in imminent danger.

Bait cars are typically equipped with a device allowing police to disable the engine. However, that device did not work in this case.