Arlington police say an officer who was shot on Halloween while serving a warrant is in stable condition at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

It all began at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when SWAT officers officers went to serve a no-knock warrant at a home on Kelly Hill Drive, police said. Lt. Chris Cook says they were investigating a tip that someone was running a drug house there.

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Vincent Hall, began firing an assault-style weapon at officers when they walked in, police said. Cook said witnesses inside knew officers were there.

One officer was hit several times, while another injured his hand. Hall was shot and killed at the scene.

Zachary Hackney, who lives on the 4300 block of Kelly Hill Drive in Arlington, said he heard everything that was happening next door.

"I just ran inside, shut the door and said, 'There’s shots fired, get down,'" he recalled.

He believes he heard Hall, his neighbor, screaming at and then shooting a police officer. Then, he says he heard the sound of police returning fire.

"Based upon the interviews we have from the officers, it appeared Mr. Hall was advancing down the hallway and had a rifle in his hands. We now know it was an AR-15 style rifle," Cook said.

A neighbor across the street recorded the chaos on his phone, commenting when he thought he heard his neighbor shoot police.

The officer was identified as an 11-year veteran with the force, a corporal in Arlington PD's patrol division. He was shot in the knee and ankle, and underwent surgery Wednesday, said a member of the police union. Police say the corporal was one of five officers who shot back at Hall.

Four people at the scene were detained, but it's not clear if they are connected to the shooting. Officers identified Billy Nevels as a man arrested for outstanding misdemeanor warrants during the incident.

Cook said four types of drugs were found inside the house, including cocaine, marijuana and Xanax. He said officers believed they were meant for distribution.

Hall was known to Arlington Police, including a 2016 incident in which police say he tried taking a gun and taser from an officer. Part of that incident was caught on camera. Hall was later arrested in Kentucky.

"I just want to say thank u to all the police officers that were there. Without them, who knows what would have happened," Hackney said.

Neighbors like Hackney are still shaken about what happened on Kelly Hill Drive.