Northern sections of Tarrant County saw intense rains that caused damaging flooding Wednesday

Erica Lopez has lived in her north Fort Worth home for more than 30 years. She says she has never seen what she saw Wednesday night.

"You see how far the water came up there," she says, pointing to water marks on her property. "It was up pretty high. Like I said, you couldn't see any of the grass, it looked like a huge river back here."

An unrelenting downpour caused the creek next to her home to back up, sending the water flooding into the streets and into people's properties. Fire Department spokesman Kyle Clay says seven homes and 17 people were affected in this neighborhood near Meacham and Main. No injuries were reported.

To the east, in North Richland Hills, another harrowing situation played out.

"The creek is about 50 yards wide. He was about 25 yards in sitting on a log," says NRH police spokeswoman Carissa Katekaru. "He and a group of juveniles had been tubing down the creek."

"I'm very grateful for them, very thankful for them," Gomez says, who was uninjured. "Have a lot of respect for them going out of their way to come and help me. Kind of owe them everything now."

The day after, Erica Lopez is left trying to salvage what she can.

"We are just going to have to let it dry out and see. It's stuff I really don't want to let go of," she says, pointing to her belongings that are drying out in the yard.

Eight inches of water made it into her garage. She's concerned about how much debris is now trapped in the creek, with more rain in the forecast.

"We're worried!" Lopez says. "I hate to keep saying that, but they really need to come do something about that. At least come clear that debris that's there right now."

The City of Fort Worth is aware of the issue. A spokeswoman said they had crews clearing the debris Thursday, but by late afternoon, the debris was still there.