PARKER COUNTY -- It's more than a haunted house. It's an entire town where a haunting vision of the end times is brought to life.

The new, immersive Halloween show called "The Apocalypse Experience" opens in Parker County near Weatherford Thursday night. It's the creation of writer-producer Tammy Lane.

"A lot of it comes from just kind of seeing the times and how the society is going," Lane said. "If we stay on our current path, this could become a reality."

The story is set in the fictional town of Judge Mint, a Mayberry-like place that suffers an earthquake. The town has been painstakingly built with film-quality sets, including lighting and sound effects. The production cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and was paid for by donors and family, Lane said.

The "town" of Judge Mint.

"It was expensive, but very worth it," she said. "I really think after this production, we'll be able to rent it out as a film set."

Small groups will walk through the 40-minute show. Tickets are $20 a person, and guests must be 13 or older.

There's a cast and crew of 100, including some professional actors.

"I like being able to interact with the guests and being able to just flip their minds a little bit with the performance," said actor Alex Ryan, who said he's also done stage and film work.

The project is more than a haunted house. It's an evangelical ministry.

The cast and crew praying together.

Lane says that the scenes are drawn from the Bible

"It's kicked off by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," she said.

Satan makes an appearance, as does Jesus. The whole crew sees the show as evangelism, praying before rehearsal.

Tammy Lane

It's an only-in-Texas town with a message that hopes to scare souls, and save them.

"I wanted to make a place where you could have the thrill of it, but also be honoring God," Lane said.