Kids say the darndest things. This girl on Wednesday's child is a perfect example.

They are three extraordinary children who came into foster care in the saddest of ways, yet they smile and laugh a lot.

To say these siblings love Legos is an understatement.

“I like batgirl because she is beautiful, and I like her cape!" says 7-year-old LuLu. For her, there’s only one thing better.

“Reading!" she says with a great big smile.

“To me, Legos is a big deal! I love collecting the mini things and building," says 9-year-old Cole.
He, LuLu and 10-year-old Kinsey are little builders of Legos and love for one another.

“I like their company,” says Cole as he takes a look at each of his sisters. “They're really good sisters. Even though we fight, it's forgiven and it's forgotten," he says.

"What Cole means to me, he's a loving and caring brother," says Kinsey.

LuLu, Kinsey and Cole were picked up from an abandoned office building three years ago. Their parent’s rights have since been terminated.

These children are in search of parents who will show them they matter.

“We all want a good home to be in with a mom and a dad, and a few kids so we can play with," says Kinsey.

Cole turned 9 just 2 days after this Wednesday’s Child taping at LegoLand in Grapevine. His only wish?

"Right now if I was a puppy, I would be whimpering and saying please give me a home!" says Cole lovingly.

These three children can never be separated.

“I don't like it when they leave,” says LuLu because it makes her sad.

“I want to make sure that everybody goes to the same home and stays together," says Kinsey.

The least Kinsey, Cole and LuLu deserve is to be adopted together after overcoming hardship at a young age with such resilience and hope.

When asked how much love he has in his heart, Cole does not hesitate.

“Enough for everyone," he says.

WFAA and Child Protective Services partner to spotlight these children in hopes that one day a child's wish of a "forever family" will come true.

In order to adopt a child, you must be licensed in the state of Texas as an adoptive parent. For more Information on how to get started please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange website or email

You can also call 817-792-4409 or 817-781-2475.