Today's Wednesday's Child is one of the smartest 17-year-old's you'll ever meet.

Hannah has also managed to figure out something very important in life, and it has carried her in her darkest hour.

She has spent the last three years in foster care, yet 17-year-old Hannah considers herself fortunate.

"My first name is biblical. Hannah is biblical, and it means my middle name, which is grace. So if you look at my name, it's technically grace, grace," says Hannah smiling.

It's that enabling power that has strengthened Hannah to speak candidly about being a foster child.

“It's been rough. A lot of placements that weren't very good," she says during our adventure at the Dallas Zoo.

No matter how hard it's gotten, she has always understood something very important in her life.

"I've gone through a lot and overcome a lot, but I still have one person I know that will never leave my side," she says.

No matter the crisis, Hannah knows she's never alone.

"I feel some people that are going through the stuff that I'm going through, kind of need somebody like that in their life, when nobody else wants to be there for them or talk to them or love them, they'll still have God who will love them," she says.

Hannah's painful past drives her to also work hard in the classroom.

"I love school. If I could be in school all day, I would," Hannah said.

The straight-A student wants to become a physician to give back in the future to those whose suffering she understands.

"I just want to make a difference for foster youth," Hannah said.

Hannah’s determination to succeed and her compassion are two characteristics she hopes will help a family to fall in love with her before she turns 18, which is now only one year away.

"I want them to treat me as if I were their own kid," she said.

Hannah needs a family who will not judge her for what she's been through, but instead, admire her journey of courage and faith in God.

"When I didn't have anybody else I had Him in my heart," she said.

In order to adopt a child, you must be licensed in the state of Texas as an adoptive parent. For more Information on how to get started please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange website or email

You can also call817-792-4409 or 817-781-2475.