During this Opening Week at Globe Life Park, WFAA is reminded of the special group of seven children WFAA featured for a Wednesday's Child report a year and a half ago.

13 year-old Kane is still in search of a forever family. The last time WFAA met Kane was at Globe Life Park in August 2015. He and his siblings got to meet some of the Texas Rangers. It’s a day he told WFAA he would never forget.

“We got to go on the field and also we got to talk to each other and play around," he said.

Kane was part of a sibling group of six brothers and one sister waiting to get adopted. The attempts to get them all in the same home failed. Four of Kane's brothers and his sister have either aged out or have been adopted. One brother is still in foster care as is Kane.

It's sad to be separated, but they are still in close contact. "I just wait until my next visit, and then I see them again," he said optimistically.

Kane has flourished in the last year and a half, particularly at school. "I get straight A's and I don't get in trouble," he said. 

Kane likes his current foster home where he gets structure, guidance and a lot of positive reinforcement. He’s proud of what his foster mom always says to him. “That I'm smart," Kane said. 

Kane is open to adoption but, for good reasons, is also scared about moving again. "I have to start learning new stuff when I'm already ahead. And I have to make new friends and stuff," he said.

That's why it's important Kane's next move is final with parents who are committed to him. There are a few other qualities that would be a bonus.

"That I can play my tablet all day. That I can play outside, and that they're nice and know how to cook good," he said grinning.

Most important of all, Kane needs a family who will understand how much his siblings mean to him. When asked to describe what he feels in his heart when he sees his brothers and sister, he responded with one word and a bright smile.

“Joy," he said.

WFAA and Child Protective Services partner to spotlight these children in hopes that one day a child's wish of a "forever family" will come true.

In order to adopt a child, you must be licensed in the state of Texas as an adoptive parent. For more Information on how to get started please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange website or email jennifer.teele@dfps.state.tx.us. 

You can also call  817-792-4409 or 817-781-2475.