Today's Wednesday's Children are a brother and sister who aren't afraid to face their fears. They even proved it on camera.

Erika and Jordyn are so close in age they're like twins with a special bond -- one that can never be broken.

Erika, 9, and Jordyn, 8, are adventurous. They're also proud of their good behavior.

“I’m a cute girl and a nice girl," Erika said.

Even though she's afraid of reptiles, Erika showed courage handling a blue-tongued lizard at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney. Brother Jordyn is all boy and wanted to handle every animal.

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"I'm nice, smart and happy," he said.

Pulled from a neglectful home where they were raising themselves, Jordyn and Erika came in to foster care four years ago. Erika still has nightmares about it. In her dreams, she desperately tries to save her brother from harm.

"Because when I was with my real mom and dad there was this clown trying to steal him," she said about their past.

We came up with a plan to make her bad dreams go away. She's going to think about unicorns before bedtime, and if the scary clown shows up, she’s going to punch it in the nose. It was a plan that made her smile.

Jordyn loves his sister. He's healthy and receives special learning assistance at school. He enjoys the classroom and sports.

“I play soccer," he said.

Erika is also athletic. She is a dancer.

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“I like to do cartwheels because it’s fun and I like to go to school because I want to learn," said Erika, who wants to be a teacher one day.

These children have done very well in foster care. They love their foster mom and hope to find a Forever Family who cares for them the way she does.

"Because she's so nice and because she protects me," Erika said.

Erika and Jordyn need parents who can devote a lot of time and attention to their needs.

These children need someone who they can trust. They need a forever family who shows them love.